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Poets and Poetry, Nature, Forms, and Laws of Poetry

Nature, Forms, and Laws of Poetry

What are the Qualities of an Epic Poem?

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There are several distinguishing factors of an epic poem. The following list should help you:

The epic is a narrative poem of great scope, dealing with the founding of a nation or some other heroic theme.
2. It requires a dignified theme.
3. It requires organic unity.
4. It requires an orderly progress of the action.
5. It always has a heroic figure or figures.
6. It involves supernatural forces.
7. It is written in a deliberately ceremonial style. -- Nature, Romance, Wisdom
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Poetic Styles: Poetic Styles: Nature, Laws, Rules etc. of some of the most common poetic forms, in brief. Keys to Analyzing a Poem | Meter | Controlling Image | Interpret Poems | Understanding Poems | Memorize a Poem | Symbol in Poetry | Anapestic Line | Imagist | Concrete Poem | Antiphonal Poetry | Bio-Poem | Cinquain | Anglo-Saxon Verse | Diamante Poetry | Epic Poem | Found Poem | Haiku | Limerick | List Poem | Free Verse | Heroic Poetry | Georgian Poetry

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